Medicare Part C: Who is eligible?Medicare with supplement plans known as medigap ease the bill tension. The initiative started by the U.S. government will give the benefit in the health field for people above the age of 65. Younger people can also apply, but some in case of emergencies. Medicare has different plans that are designed as per the different interests and needs. 

Introduction to medicare

Starting with original medicare, Part A, and Part B, for hospital and doctors’ fees respectively. Following that was Part C, also known as the medicare advantage plan, and Part D, for the prescribed drug plan. 

Let’s focus a little more on Part C

The most searched on internet is the Affordable Medicare Advantage plan. The in-patient services include routine healthcare and hospital facilities for the patient. For the out-patient the list of benefits includes-

  1. Doctor’s visits
  2. It provides coverage like various laboratory tests and X-rays. 
  3. With an ambulance service for emergency 
  4. Mental health service for in-patient and out-patient. 
  5. It provides patients with medical equipment like a wheelchair or walkers. 
  6. Medical tests and general vaccines like flu shots are also included 
  7. Physical therapy
  8. Occupational therapy 
  9. Speech and language pathology. 

The changes in 2022

With the upcoming year 2022, the changes are real and more user-friendly. To start with the advanced telehealth services which include video conferencing with the doctor and get online reports. The next point includes long-term coverage means adult care household maintenance, providing hot meals and transportation service to the doctor or fitness center, a skilled nurse, and some more benefits. 

And lastly, the ERSD which means patients with end-stage renal disease can enroll in a medicare advantage plan for 2022. This seems feasible with various patients and looks to have a better future.

The medigap 

The medigap on the other hand does have two plans like Plan G and Plan N with a bright future. For someone with original medicare can take medicare supplement plans, they are eligible for medicare supplement plans. The medicare advantage plan cannot be brought along with the medicare supplement plan. Although, if you have a medigap plan with original medicare and Part D, you can purchase Part C MSA or the Medical Savings Account plan for extra drug prescription. The best choice is always in the hands of the patient or the insured. If you are already a member of the medicare family then you can explore more options as per your current needs. The medicare supplement plans may not face as many changes as the medicare advantage plans. If you wish to change your medicare supplement plan, ask your agent and it will be done. But for changes to and within the medicare advantage plan you need to wait for the annual enrollment period. Explore all the options and choose accordingly.

There is a chance for  medicare advantage 2022 to be widely popular. As said earlier, it has the most number of benefits for the upcoming year. Always ask your agent before choosing any particular plan.

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