Going to the supermarket to shop is a task that requires planning and takes time. With the rush of everyday life, you may want to optimize your free time. Thinking about it, the online market like Foodland Ratchada (Foodland รัชดา which is the term in Thai) is a tool that can help you a lot. Here, you will find suggestions to facilitate this process and also know stores that offer this service.

Purchasing food, cleaning, and hygiene products over the internet is a practical task. However, it is essential to pay attention to the following details:

Avoid buying on impulse: check your cabinets and your refrigerator and check if it is essential to purchasing in an online market or if you are acting on impulse due to the facility that this modality offers;

Make a list: did you complete the previous step and see that you need products from the supermarket? So, make a list starting with the essentials: this way, you don’t forget anything and avoid buying unnecessary items;

Separate the purchase by categories: to make the work easier when putting together a list; it is worth separating the items by categories, such as cleaning products, fair, cold items, etc. These are just suggestions so that you can do the separation according to your needs;

Compare prices: This is true for products in the same category but different brands and the same product in different markets. With the online purchase mode, it is easier to save a little money at the time of purchase;

Keep an eye on promotions: there is a day of the week when meat is cheaper and markets products in many markets. So, depending on your needs, it’s worth keeping an eye on which day is best for you. Also, check if there are specific promotions for online purchase through the website or app;

Do not stock products: it is not necessary to stock a large amount of food at home. Make a plan for the period you want your purchase to last and stick to it. Non-perishable products can be purchased for the month, for example, while fruits and vegetables last less time;

Pay attention to the delivery time: check how long the chosen supermarket takes to make the delivery, so you know when you will have the products in hand and are already available to receive them;

Check for a delivery fee: some markets may charge for the delivery fee, so our tip is to check if this service is free or not. This can even determine the choice of store, as it directly affects the final value of your purchase;

Check the payment methods: before setting up your cart, define the way you want to make the payment and see if it is available so you don’t get frustrated when closing the order;

Follow the recommendations to receive your purchase safely: give preference to online payment, check how the delivery person leaves the products at your house, and don’t forget to sanitize all purchased items.

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