I still am surprised about the quantity of companies available whether established, or completely new start-ups who don’t have an online prescence or internet presence within the “digital age”

I am talking about, it’s 2012, I understand for certain that whenever I want services or products, the first factor I actually do is hop on my smartphone, Ipad, or pc (depending where I’m at that time) and perform a Search for which I am searching for, don’t many people nowadays?

It frequently baffles me after i talk to business proprietors who are dealing with hard occasions attempting to establish their business, and that i wonder “what’s your site address”, they reply “oh, no, we do not have an internet site”. I believe to myself…

  1. Will they not understand exactly what a huge chance they’re passing up on?
  2. Will they not understand how economical getting an internet site is when compared with traditional types of advertising?

OK, so my next follow-up question is frequently “why not have an online prescence?” Usually clinching my fingers with a tense check out my face, (yes, it truly does bother me much)

The normal replies are often “we do not require a website” or “it’s too costly” or “we are really not large enough yet” or my own favourite “we’re doing all right using traditional advertising, and person to person” plus a number of other bizarre reply’s I have had.

Usually at this time within the conversation, I give my card and say “let us book a gathering in order to demonstrate what your passing up on”, in the meeting I’ll then feel the benefits and features of getting an internet site, but also for this articles sake, I’ll now feel the short and sweet solutions to the majority of the objections I have heard…

  1. “we do not require a website”

My reply – Yes, you need to do! To put it simply, a good web site enables individuals to source reliable details about your products or services that is available 24 hrs / seven days a week.

Research has shown that increasing numbers of people want online for services and products,

And when your company doesn’t have an online business, as well as your competition does, who do you consider will obtain the purchase or contract? Your competitor!

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