To become a flight attendant, after completing the course and receiving the license, the flight attendant still undergoes a series of pieces of training. Where he will know and understand the operation of the aircraft used by the airline.

In addition, you must complete at least 15 hours (flight) of the internship. Furthermore, it is necessary to take refresher courses, valid for one to three years. Check for faculty to study for flight attendant (อยากเป็นแอร์โฮสเตส ต้องเรียนคณะอะไร which is the term in Thai)

Initially, a flight attendant works on national flights, as two years of national experience are required to carry out international flights.

Necessary Training

There is no way to become a flight attendant without training survival, whether in the wild, at sea, or in different situations. This training is essential for the qualification of this civil aviation professional. After all, this is how he will be prepared to deal with real emergencies and even terrorism situations.

In short, the candidate spends a few days in a jungle, with little water and little food in this training. At first, it may seem daunting, but training is essential to enable and teach the commissioner to deal with different situations of physical and emotional stress.

In addition, skills are learned during training, such as setting traps to capture animals and creating fire without matches or lighters. Because that way, the steward will be ready to survive, whether cooking food or keeping warm, if necessary.

However, in addition to learning how to survive, the training is for the candidate to be evaluated on how he reacts to specific reactions. For example, in cases of fire, injuries, wild animals, looking for food in the wild, among other problems that may occur. In addition to working well as a team and knowing how to direct the passengers and crew, whether using a compass or using the sun’s position. Finally, to complete the requirements of becoming a flight attendant, the candidate also needs to take makeup and etiquette classes.

Flight Attendant Day

Although it is complex training that demands a lot from the future commissioner, whoever is interested in pursuing a career will have to challenge themselves and dedicate themselves to it to succeed. So don’t be afraid, it will be an experience that will lead to life.

The flight attendant is responsible for ensuring the safety of the crew and passengers, and for this reason, he has a special day in his honor, which is celebrated on May 31st. click to know about Toeic tutoring (ติว toeic which is the term in Thai)

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