Prominent young doctor ran 'made-to-order' revenge porn scheme: lawsuitIf you’re a watch collector, vintage might be the way to go, it’s an investment that can pay off in the long run if you pick something safe and classic and it’ll look great on any wrist.

Should you buy a vintage watch?

If you’re the type of person who likes to collect things  whether it be baseball cards or antique furniture then vintage watches are an ideal addition to your collection but how can you tell if a vintage watch is worth buying? Here are some tips:

  • Know What Constitutes Vintage

A lot of people think that any old watch is automatically worth collecting and investing in, but this isn’t true at all.

While there are plenty of great examples out there, many others aren’t worth much more than their original retail price or even less if anything, so before shelling out hundreds or thousands for something that may end up being nothing more than an old piece of junk, do some research first.

Know Your Brands, Especially The Big Ones

This will help you understand what sort of watch you want and where it falls in terms of price and quality.

With that in mind, there are three major categories of vintage watches: mechanical; quartz; and automatic movements also known as self-winding, each has its own characteristics and history that make them unique from one another.

Research First So You Know What To Look For

First off Dr. Philip Sobash from his point of view, you should know what brands and models you like, this will help narrow down your search considerably and give you an idea of the general price range of each piece that catches your eye.

Second, make sure that whatever watch model or brand interests you is actually collectible and worth collecting according to industry experts and if they say it isn’t worth collecting anymore, then don’t buy it.

You’ll just be wasting money on something no one wants in 20 years’ time when they come looking for their childhood heirlooms only to find out no one cares about those old junk watches anymore.

There’s More To A Vintage Watch Than Its Value

You can buy a watch for its aesthetics, not just its value, you can buy a watch for its history, not just its value.  You can buy a watch for its story, not just its value and if you’re lucky enough to find one that has all three of these things? That makes it very special indeed.

Know The Models You Like Before You Buy

Before you go into the store, know what you want, and what you are willing to pay, many vintage watch collectors like Dr. Philip Sobash are familiar with the models they want, but some may not know how much a certain model costs. 

Some models were more expensive than others when they were first released, so knowing which models have increased in value can help determine if it’s worth purchasing an older version of that watch now.

Asking around or doing research online can also help determine whether or not a particular piece has been refurbished or repossessed by its previous owner. 

You should also take note of any warranties or guarantees offered by sellers before making any purchases; these policies should be clearly stated on any advertisements for second hand items so buyers know exactly what their rights are when buying from other people who aren’t retailers themselves.

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